Three skills learned at Bradley and Identifying a moose’s friends were on our reader’s minds this issue.


My story is complex. I barely got accepted into Bradley and had no study skills, which resulted in me being academically dismissed. However, the first skill I learned is not giving up. After changing my major to theater, I got back in and flourished as an actor. I learned how to think on my feet and improvise my thoughts, which honed my skills in sales.

I also learned to be part of a team by seeing everyone pull together for the show’s success no matter how small a part or role they played in the production. Lastly, Bradley taught me loyalty to the university. I met my wife there and have many friends to this day from my fraternity and the theater dept. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my experience.
David Zacher ’72

I came to Bradley intent on becoming a sportswriter, so I was a journalism major; I also joined Tau Epsilon Phi. I spent four years learning from great professors, especially Dr. Paul Snider. I worked part-time for the Peoria Journal Star, and also wrote for The Bradley Scout for several years. The top three skills I learned at Bradley were writing, editing and content creation. After four wonderful years, these skills paid immediate dividends.

First, I was a sportswriter for a year at the Bloomington Pantagraph. Since I was from Connecticut, I returned east and landed a job in New York City on a business magazine. I decided sports writing wasn’t for me because I didn’t want to work nights my whole life covering games. I transitioned to magazines. A few years later, I was lucky enough to land at a company that published many magazines. I also founded the magazine Men’s Workout when fitness was an emerging craze in the 1980s and beyond.

It was the dream of almost every journalism student to start a consumer magazine and be the editor. Men’s Workout was a success from the start. About eight years later I started another title, Exercise & Health, which was also a success. I was at the company for almost 25 years until 2012, when the internet and recession doomed many magazines and newspapers.

One of my all-time greatest memories was attending a Bradley reunion about five years after I’d started Men’s Workout. I went to the bookstore and there it was on the shelf! It was a very proud moment for me, seeing the title I started in the bookstore of my school.

I’m still working full-time, now as a senior editor for Real Estate magazine, covering the residential real estate industry. I’ve also worked at Tennis Magazine and a few other titles.
Michael Catarevas ’77

  1. Facts matter. Dr. Paul Snider in the Journalism department stressed the importance of getting your facts straight. As a journalist, I never doubted my facts. I strived to get the story first, but first, get it right.
  2. Consistency matters. Because of my pattern of consistency, my photography professor called me in my dorm when I overslept and didn’t show up for the final exam.
  3. Be on time. Dr. Snider would lock the classroom doors when class started.
    Jacqueline McLean ’76


We had a number of alumni respond to our request to identify the people in the photo we jokingly dubbed, “Bullwinkle’s Beau.”
The photo was taken some time around 1986 at the Lucky Lady Saloon on Farmington Road for a Greek Week event.

From left to right: Steve Helfrich ’89, Joe Skorcz ’88, Dan Penwitt ’87, Bridget Dougherty ’87, Gene Dorsch ’88 and Chris Teer ’88.

Thanks to all who solved the mystery: Steve Helfrich ’89, John Lasson ’86, Tom Samulski ’88, Dale Feltz ’89, Todd Keil ’85, Ryan Pierson ’01 and Kristine Szostak Asmussen ’87.

From left to right: Steve Helfrich ’89, Joe Skorcz ’88, Dan Penwitt ’87, Bridget Dougherty ’87, Gene Dorsch ’88 and Chris Teer ’88.

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